Dammam - Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Concrete block is one of the most economical building materials available. Block is durable, fireproof, soundproof, and it will not rot or rust. Concrete block has high R values for energy efficiency and will provide versatility and aesthetic appeal to any project . ADVANTAGES • concrete blocks are non-combustible. • There is no damage to concrete blocks or the block wall by termites. • There is never any wood rot to concrete blocks or the block wall. • concrete blocks create block walls that are able to withstand stronger winds. (A concrete block wall is 500% stronger than wood-built.) • There is substantially reduced noise level with a concrete wall. • concrete blocks, with the applicable insulation, provide great value in reducing utility costs A block for use in interlocking with other similar blocks in  constructing a surface or a side is called an interlock , from  one side of the block body A head portion extends from the  outer block wall toward an opposed side surface. A connecting portion on respective sides of the head arranged to receive at least one correspondingly shaped connection portion of at least one second block in interlocking relationship therewith. ADVANTAGES • Retains the Natural Non-slip Surface of Concrete. • Stops Concrete Dusting or chalking. • Stops mold and algae growth. • Allows For Low Maintenance Cleaning. • Aids Concrete Curing. • Retards Capillary Seepage . • Stops Alkali Problems . • Aids the Floor Covering Trade . • Aids the Paint Trade . • Stops Wall Sweating Problems . A remarkable product of Eamar Block plant is the Fair face Block which is a smooth product  produced to avoid plaster while providing a state of the art look , this product is a big cost saver in the building industry. Eamar Cement Products Factory A member of Prime Source Group Prime Source Group Toll Free: 920004284