Cement Products Factory Name spells confidence EAMAR Cement Products Factory is a cement products manufacturer specialized in the production of high quality cement products such as ready mix, Concrete blocks, and Concrete interlocks. Our products are made of high quality cement, selected aggregates, and accurately calibrated dosage of additives, and water, which are mixed together in central mix drums operated by computer. In the production process, we carefully select our aggregates, based on chemical and physical materials lab tests, performed in our fully equipped labs. Our additives are purchased from trusted suppliers. EAMAR Cement Products Factory is specially equipped with most modern equipment to ensure  that products are manufactured in the specified/required quality and specifications and remains  in a homogeneous state. Additives are also used to modify the concretes´s characteristics in  accordance with the required quality.        Tel:     +966 13 8110303      Fax:    +966 13 8116406 The factory is equipped with the most updated and state of art equipments , vehicles ,pumps and laboratories which guarantee the quality of our product. info@eamarreadymix.com sales@eamarreadymix.com                                                         Mail Us Eamar Cement Products Factory Dammam - Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
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